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Pointing / Re-Pointing in Newcastle and the entire North East of England

has never been easier, one call to us and we can take care of it.


Pointing in Newcastle

Pointing can be an extremely important part of maintaining your home, in simple terms, not only does the Pointing or Mortar hold all the Bricks together, but it also seals the inside of your Home against the outside elements, Keeping the wind and Rain and Snow and Ice on the Outside.


When Pointing it's really important to have the right level of Mortar Between each Brick, so in the case of R-Pointing we create this by using Diamond Tipped Blades and Grinding out the old Mortar, this creates the perfect area for the new Mortar making it all safe and sure again.


Whilst actually doing the work, we are absolutely familiar with the Kind of Dust and mess we create and take as much care as we can to limit this as much as possible.


We keep up to date with all the latest Pointing and re-pointing methods and we firmly believe that the service we offer is a truly professional one.

Cleaning and best Process

When we have ground out to the correct Depths we then give the whole area a thorough clean with a hose, this creates the perfect environment for the new Mortar.

Colour of Mortar

We try our best to match our new Mortar with the old and we are quite good at it.


Here at Handyman Newcastle we have many customers who are happy to allow our new customers to inspect the work we have done for them, and they are happy to recommend us.

So for a Top Notch, Professional Pointing / Re-Pointing Service give us a call, we are happy to help.

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Our Handyman is used to all the small jobs that needs to be done, typical examples of the jobs we are asked to do, are, assemble Flat Pack Furniture, or repair Fencing and Decking, maybe replace a damaged Brick, we are often asked to put up a Curtain pole, repair leaky Taps install a new light switch touch up Paint, here and there, or Mow the Lawn.

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