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Plasma & TV Installation

Professional Plasma LCD 3D TV Install :Installation in Newcastle upon Tyne, all cables fully hidden.

Handyman Newcastle can install your new plasma LCD 3D TV safely and professionally. If you have paid £1000+ for your screen, it is worth paying a little more to have it professionally installed to:

  • Ensure a neat & tidy finish
  • Give you peace of mind Save you time and trouble

Handyman Newcastle offers the following installation options: Level 1 Cable Install

  • Engineers will survey the wall and along with your help choose where the screen is to be mounted.
  • The bracket will be mounted so we can place the screen exactly where you say.
  • Cables are stretched taut and fixed to the wall with clips.

Level 2 Cable Install

  • Engineers will survey the wall and along with your help choose where the screen is to be mounted.
  • Cables are stretched taut and encased in discreet square, white, plastic conduit which is fixed to the wall and can be painted to a colour of your choice.

Level 3 Cable Install A channel is cut into the plaster, and

  • We cut out a section of the wall, so we can place the cables, then we plaster the area to make it level.
  • We Carefully mount and secure your screen to the wall
  • We Connect your screen to the other existing equipment and switch on.
  • A demonstration of the screen and equipment working.
  • The site to be fully cleaned and tidied before we leave.

"ULTIMATE" Install

  • In the examples above we are trying to give an idea of what can be achieved, however most peoples idea of what they want is entirely different from the others, thats why we offer a "BESPOKE" service, this means we can put in extra speakers or power switches wire in full surround systems, the list is endless, in fact we can even re-paint or re-decorate, this really is the ultimate.

Call us now for some advice and to book in your installation.



Our Handyman is used to all the small jobs that needs to be done, typical examples of the jobs we are asked to do, are, assemble Flat Pack Furniture, or repair Fencing and Decking, maybe replace a damaged Brick, we are often asked to put up a Curtain pole, repair leaky Taps install a new light switch touch up Paint, here and there, or Mow the Lawn.

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